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At festival tv our mother company we are all about the festival go-er we want to make sure that you had the perfect festival experience,but at festival tv insider we are all about the festival business getting all the hot gossip and tips on where the best festivals are for making money and how other people make their living at festivals

So with out further ado.......

Sound Awesome

Sounds Awesome started off as a social networking site for musicians. They've been doing such a great job for the musicians they support they are putting on their own stages at festivals and now running there own festival. We caught up with them between sets at the Alchemy Festival.


Geofest is a collective of workshop facilitators and entertainers, covering art, circus, puppetry, performance and more. As well as keeping the festival kids entertained all weekend they do mean fire show.

Bearded Theory Festival

Bearded Theory looks set to THE success story of the next few years. These two interviews give an insight into the ethos behind it all.

Strawberry Fields

Interview with the organizer of strawberry fields with our director Darren.

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